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Nearly 100 billion searches are made every single day in search engines worldwide, presenting trillions of search results: natural search results, sponsored ads, product listings, etc. And if that’s not enough complexity: the SERPs also depend on the user profile, device used, geographical location and time of day.

So it’s impossible to monitor which search results are presented to billions of users? Maybe. But it is possible to define and monitor exactly those fragments of the SERPs that are important for your business, your job and the achievement of your online marketing goals – to make better strategic decisions, allocate marketing budgets more effectively, protect your brand or even react in real time to your competitors’ marketing campaigns.

3D SERP Analytics


Improve your strategic decision-making with insights from market data and trend analyses

Strategic Search Data & Trends


Achieve up to 85% cost-saving potential in your branded SEA campaigns

Efficiency and Responsiveness


Effectively protect brands and campaigns from misuse by competitors and worse

Protection against fraud and phishing

Global brands trust us

Since our foundation in 2007, we have continuously developed and expanded our search monitoring technology and infrastructure. Leading global brands from a wide range of industries such as banking and finance, insurance, vacation and travel, automotive, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods and retail use our SERP analytics data for their strategic and operational decisions in search engine marketing.