Strategic search data and trends

Knowing your own “share of voice”, who you are competing against for visibility and knowing what their budget for Google Ads, for example, looks like or is changing – all this helps you make better strategic decisions and plan your marketing budget accordingly. Whether you are entering a new market, expanding regionally or bringing online marketing activities back in-house as your company grows.

With our professional services team and monitoring technology, we can not only provide the data for better strategic decisions, but also help develop the skills of your online marketing team so that they recognize trends faster and stay ahead of the competition.

Efficiency and responsiveness in search engine marketing

There are many hidden inefficiencies in online marketing, often caused by a lack of coordination between SEO, SEA and e.g. affiliate marketing or simply a lack of SERP monitoring. For some clients, we discovered up to 85% savings potential in their SEA budget without losing effectiveness. And by closely monitoring the SEA activities and campaigns of their competitors, we enable our customers to react quickly when adapting and adjusting their offers.

Protect your brand from misuse and fraud

Without reliable analytics and monitoring capacities to protect your own brand, most abuses remain undetected.

  • Competitors bidding on your brand keywords will increase your CPCs and reduce your share of voice.
  • Your ads can be copied and misused by spammers or for phishing.
  • Dubious affiliates skim off unjustified commissions.

In addition, there are trademark infringements of your brand, which normally also go undetected.

With our analytics and monitoring technology and our internationally rolled-out infrastructure, we are able to identify even the most sophisticated abuse schemes and document them in a legally compliant manner.