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One major ingredient in marketing success is to know your competition and their activities. In classic, analog marketing, the number of players is known and relatively stable, marketing strategies change slowly and advertisements did not change over weeks, months or even years.

In online marketing – barriers of entry disappeared and the cost to test or place a new ad is close to zero. As a result, you have a volatile and highly fragmented competitive environment with new companies and products showing up almost every minute.

So how do you keep up with your market intelligence to be able to make strategic decisions?

We provide the solution:

Highly accurate and near real-time Digital Ad Insight

Xamine. Blue

customized search analytics

Monitor your customized key words, analyze your competitors’s SEA activities, identify new market entries early on and optimize your SEA strategy.

fraud protection

Protect your SEA campaigns from
fraudulent affiliate activities,
often referred to as ad-hijacking.

fraud prevention
improving your SEA campaign effectiveness

improving campaign effectiveness

Reduce the number of brand bidders to improve the reach of your SEA campaign and simultaneously optimize total CPCs.


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online campaign owners

Our clients are online marketing professionals in companies that have a strong search marketing channel.

With our ad intelligence products and services they

  • create winning online marketing strategies,
  • are able challenge their online agencies by knowing the market and being able to benchmark
  • protect their campaigns from affiliate fraud
  • improve campaign effectiveness by removing brand bidders
online marketing agencies

You want to distinguish yourself from SEA agencies that perform purely on trial & error?

Use our ad intelligence to improve quality and performance of the campaigns you manage faster than your competition.

Or to analyse the structure and performance of the current campaigns of the brands you want to serve – and base your pitch on real data analytics.

marketing data providers

Enrich the marketing data your firm already provides in offline or other online marketing channels with state of the art SEA ad analytics.

With our decentralized native query infrastructure and result capturing we gather a complete SEA activity picture in all major European countries, including SEA budgets per brand and campaign owner.

academia and students

You are a professor teaching online marketing or a marketing student interested in state of the art ad intelligence and how it helps to create more effective SEA campaigns?

Contact us to benefit from our academia discounts and additional information like whitepapers or tutorials.

Xamine. Blue

customized search analytics

Having reliable and near-real-time data is the key to improve the effectiveness of SEA campaigns.

With zero barrier of entry and instant feedback to changes with AB-testing, the competitive SEA landscape changes daily. So how can you keep current on brands, products and changing campaign structures in real-time?

Based on your demands, we provide analytics to monitor SEA activities, derive estimates of SEA budgets, optimize keyword clouds and continuously optimize your campaign structures and effectiveness.

Depending on your goals, you get customized analytics on a monthly, weekly or daily basis.

Contact us to discuss your objectives and how our analytics can help you to achieve them.

fraud prevention

fraud protection

With 12 Bln. EUR in annual revenues, affiliate marketing networks are for many consumer brands a major online marketing channel.

While most of the affiliates are legit, the intransparent structures and vast number of players in such networks makes it easy for fraudulent participants to steal significant chunks of your online business.

This effect is often referred to as “ad-hijacking”.

Contact us to learn more about ad-hijacking and how we can help to protect your business.

improving your SEA campaign effectiveness

improving campaign effectiveness

Without professional brand bidder management, the effectiveness of your SEA campaign can be reduced by up to 25%.

The more relevant your brand keywords are for your campaign, the bigger the potential damage.

Our decentralized query infrastructure can also identify regionally active brand bidders.

With a performance based service, we convince more than 70% of the brand bidders to refrain from their brand bidding activities.

Contact us to discuss potential impacts on your campaign and how to solve this problem.

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